Can Cleaning Of Ducts Damage Things

Can Cleaning Of Ducts Damage Things

Changing air filters is only one aspect of maintaining the highest possible level of air quality in your house. Additionally, you might be a well-intentioned homeowner who has been planning to clean. Your ducts are on your own for a while possibly this weekend. However, we strongly advise you to rethink the DIY option unless. You have a thorough understanding of how duct pipes, flues, duct trunks, and the plenum interact and function. Can Cleaning Of Ducts Damage Things?

Although duct cleaning involves specialized equipment, it is not usually a huge undertaking. But we recognize that you might want to give it a shot. If only to have a better grasp on how your home operates.

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Most HVAC businesses provide duct cleaning as a service. Cleaning your air ducts, though, may cause more damage than good. The majority of Houstonians decide to get their air ducts cleaned since they have ancient ducts. It has been collecting dust for more than ten years while sitting in their attics or inside their walls. The majority of HVAC providers will promote duct cleaning as a way to enhance indoor air quality but neglect to note that this service can seriously harm duct systems, necessitating future repairs.

If you own a home, you probably already know where dust may hide. Inside your HVAC air ducts, also known as ductwork, is one of the difficult-to-reach areas that are prone to collecting dust over time. Cleaning your air ducts is a lucrative industry, and there are as many cleaning techniques as there are different kinds of duct materials.

Is Cleaning Ducts Risky

Is Cleaning Ducts Risky

If the dirt from duct cleaning is allowed to spread throughout your house, it could be dangerous for you and your family. People with asthma may experience adverse reactions from air pollution, such as runny noses, sneezing, and wheezing.

To eliminate the risk of bacterial accumulation, you might need to clean the ductwork after removing the loose debris. Chemicals will be needed for this, which could be risky if not used correctly.

An experienced duct cleaner will be aware of the proper chemicals to utilize in commercial and residential settings. Additionally, the specialist will be aware of the proper concentration to employ to prevent harming the ducting or putting the plants, animals, or occupants of your home in danger.

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Flex Ducts May Be Damaged By Duct Cleaning

Flex Ducts May Be Damaged By Duct Cleaning

Knowing how flex ducts are created and designed can help you comprehend why Smart Air doesn’t advise performing any kind of duct cleaning on them. Flex ducts are made out of a spring that has been encased in a thin layer of plastic. This thin layer of plastic is covered by an insulating layer, which prevents heat from entering or leaving the duct. The duct’s exterior cover is located around that.

Due to the heat inside your attic or house’s walls, the thin coating of plastic that once protected the spring has only grown frailer over time. Most likely, since their installation, these ducts have never been relocated. When these air ducts are moved for cleaning several years after installation, there is a significant chance that the delicate coating of plastic will shatter. These breaks won’t be visible just by gazing at the ducts because a cover surrounds them. If ignored, these failures could harm your heating or cooling system permanently and end up costing you more money in future repair work.

The dirty duct can be cleaned more safely by a reputable air duct cleaning business. They have the personnel and tools necessary to handle the cleaning work. If you believe that the quality of the air within your home could be better, you might consider the ducts. Do you envision yourself cleaning the chimney as a homeowner? Is that a wise choice?

Around us, there are a lot of con artists. It would be beneficial if you took care to select a reputable and experienced HVAC system cleaning service. Otherwise, it will really produce extra problems for your beautiful home.

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Increases The Risk To Health

Increases The Risk To Health

Everyone is concerned about how the air we breathe affects our health. You do not set yourself apart from them. Your health will be harmed when you hire a non-professional to clean your air ducts because of the poor quality of the indoor air. Your health will therefore suffer further damage as a result of this cleaning system. Can Cleaning Ducts Damage Things?

Additionally, molds, which are frequently invisible to the naked eye, can swiftly spread throughout the entire house due to insufficient vacuuming. These molds are extremely delicate and may expose members of your family to health concerns.

Rise In Utility Cost

We all require a cozy environment at home. Through the air duct, the HVAC system maintains the proper temperature while supplying fresh air. Any duct leaks discovered while cleaning could slow down the cooling or heating process. It can reduce the air conditioning system’s efficiency by up to 30%. Additionally, the longevity of these systems will be shortened.


Duct cleaning is challenging, as you can see. It may result in ducting damage or expose you and your family to airborne contaminants. If you let the professionals handle the duct cleaning, this won’t happen.

Consult your contractor about your HVAC system alternatives, and think about expanding your system by adding a whole-home air filtration unit. The EPA advises against using air cleaners that produce ozone because they can worsen indoor air pollution. Instead, they advise utilizing air cleaners that remove particles, such as high-efficiency mechanical filters. To ensure that your home’s air quality remains at its best for the many years you live there, once your system is installed, use only the best air filters and replace them frequently.

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