How To Make An Antler Chandelier

How to Make an Antler Chandelier

Did you know that deer shed their antlers every year? They grow new ones in a process called “antlerogenesis.” Antler chandeliers are made from these shed antlers. It’s a really cool project, and there are many different ways to make them depending on the amount of time and effort you want to put into it. Make an Antler Chandelier

What do you need to start? First, you need an antler with sufficient length. You can buy one from an antler store or find one in the woods after the hunting season has ended. You’ll also need a saw for cutting (or using a handsaw), sandpaper, and several hours of your time (though some methods require more than others). And if you want to spray paint your chandelier, some paint will be needed as well!

The Materials You’ll Need

You’ll need several materials in order to make your antler chandelier.

  • Antlers with sufficient length
  • A saw for cutting (or using a handsaw)
  • Sandpaper
  • Several hours of your time (though some methods require more than others)
  • Paint, if desired.

How to attach antlers to a frame

How to attach antlers to a frame

Once you have all your supplies, you can start the project. The first step is to use the saw to cut the antler in half lengthwise and sand the edges until they’re smooth. Then, with a hammer and nails, attach one side of the antler over a crossbar on your frame. 

The other side of the antler should go underneath the crossbar with a nail going through it to attach it to the top half of the antler that was already nailed down. This way, when you put tension on both sides of the antler, it will bend up and create an arch shape. If desired, you can add another crossbar from one side to another for extra support.

Where to Get Antlers

Where to Get Antlers

You can buy antlers from a variety of places. A lot of people find them for free in the woods after the hunting season has ended because deer shed their antlers every year and grow new ones. You can also purchase them at an antler store or online.

Many people have questions about how to keep their shed antlers clean and tidy. First, you should never use bleach to clean your antlers, as it’ll cause them to become brittle, discolored, and dry out.  You also want to avoid using chemical cleaners on your antlers as they could harm the delicate surface layer of the bone (antler chandeliers are made from these shed ants). Instead, use warm soapy water and a sponge to scrub your antlers clean with a gentle touch.

A few other tips for keeping your shed deer antlers pristine include:

  • Keep them in a cool place where no one is going to bump into them or knock them over
  • Store them away from direct sunlight
  • Avoid touching or handling the outside surfaces of your antlers too often
  • Keep your shed deer antlers out of reach from pets (especially dogs)

Adding a branch for extra stability

Adding a branch for extra stability

One of the most common problems people have with antler chandeliers is that they’re wobbly. To fix this, you can add a branch for extra stability. Start by cutting the branch to size and drilling two holes along its length. Drill one hole on either side of your antler, one in the center, and one near the bottom. 

Then place the branch inside your antler and use screws to attach it to the surface of the antler. Now that your branch is secured inside the antler, drill two more holes on either end and attach them to the branch with screws as well. The result is a sturdy deer antler chandelier!

How to Paint Your Chandelier

How to Paint Your Chandelier

One way to paint your chandelier is a spray paint method. You’ll need to use a respirator or protective mask, and if you’re doing it indoors, you should spray in an open space (like on the driveway) and work in shifts so you don’t get dizzy from breathing in fumes for too long.

Before painting, clean your antlers with dish soap to remove any oils or dirt that might prevent the paint from sticking. Then spray your antler, taking care not to cover up the natural lines of the antler (this will help it look more authentic). Let it dry, then sand down any rough patches with sandpaper. If there are spots of paint that didn’t get sprayed evenly, just touch them up with more paint and allow them to dry before sanding again.

When you’ve finished painting, give your antler chandelier a good coat of polyurethane or varnish to seal all of the colors into place.

Cutting and sanding the antler

The first step is to cut the antler. But to do this, you’ll need a saw (or handsaw). You’ll also need a good sanding block and several hours of your time.

Painting and finishing the chandelier

Painting and finishing the chandelier

The most time-intensive part of the process is finishing the chandelier. Painting antlers is best done with spray paint, which you can buy at your local hardware store. Some people also like to seal their chandelier with a protective coating before they paint it. This will help protect it from moisture and wear and tear as time goes by.



You may never want to leave your house with your awesome new antler chandelier! The best part of this project is that you can make it as rustic or as elegant as you want. It’s easy to customize and makes it perfect for you.

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