How to make your living room smell good

How to make your living room smell good

There are a few ways to make your living room smell good for the times you want to relax and enjoy the company of others. You can buy some scented candles, or you can use natural scents such as fresh flowers or citrus fruits. If you don’t have any of those things, then you may need to resort to something else like an air freshener spray.

Scroll down to find out what these different methods have in common and how they differ from one another. If you’re interested in fragrance. Then this is the perfect blog post for you!

The basics of making your living room smell good

When you want to make your living room smell good, there are a variety of options you can try. You can buy scented candles, use fresh flowers or citrus fruits, or an air freshener spray. These methods all have one thing in common: they expel scent into the air.

The difference between them is how they do it. Candles and fresh flowers release scent because they’re natural and the fragrance comes from their appearance and the smell that occurs when you interact with them. An air freshener releases fragrance because it contains chemicals like those found in cleaning products, which give off powerful scents. You simply plug in an air freshener or spray it into the air for a quick fix to make your space smell good!

Scented candles

Scented candles

Scented candles are a great way to make your living room smell good. Not only will the scent make your living room more inviting to guests, but you may also find it relaxing. Scented candles have different scents and most of them will last for at least three hours. You can use these candles in any room in your house and they’re perfect for those cold winter nights when you want to enjoy the warmth of the flames while snuggling up on the couch.

Fresh flowers

Most people think of fresh flowers first when it comes to making the room smell good. However, this is not the most economical option for you. You’ll need to buy a vase and a bunch of flowers at your local grocery store.

If you want to use this method, then choose flowers that have natural scents including roses, lilies, or daisies. By choosing unscented flowers like carnations or tulips, you may end up in a room that smells too strongly of chemicals and perfume.

When in doubt, go with roses! Rose petals are known for their relaxing scent which will help you breathe easier while making your living room smell good.

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Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits, like oranges and lemons. Can be placed around the room to make it smell good. If you want the scent to last longer, then you can mix them with water and place them in a potpourri holder.

Air fresheners

Air fresheners are great for making spaces smell better. These sprays are often scented with natural materials and give off a lighter scent. But what about when you don’t have an air freshener on hand?

How to choose the right scent for you?

When looking for a scent, you may want to consider your mood. For example, if you’re feeling stressed and need to relax, then something like lavender will help. If you’re feeling confident and need to be productive, then something like peppermint might be the best choice. You also have to decide if you’d like something floral or fruity.

How to choose the right scent for you?

What’s the difference between scented candles and air fresheners? Scents from candles are long-lasting because they leave a smell in the room as long as the candle is lit. But before purchasing any kind of candle, make sure that it has a high level of fragrance; otherwise, your living room may start smelling like smoke rather than flowers once it’s extinguished. And while air fresheners may not last quite as long, they do offer many other benefits such as removing unwanted odors and being able to move them around easily.

Scroll down for more information on how these two compare and tips on choosing a good air fresher!

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How to use candle scents effectively?

Using a scented candle is one of the easiest ways to make your living room smell good. The most important thing to consider is choosing a scent that compliments the space you are trying to decorate. For example, if your living room is decorated in earth tones. Then you would not want to use a scented candle in the shape of a rose. Gardenia does not match your décor and will likely clash with it instead.

How to use candle scents effectively?

Before purchasing candles for your home, take some time to go through your favorite catalogs and choose some different scents that sound appealing. Read reviews about each type of candle and look for candles that have different shapes and sizes. You may find that you prefer votives over tea lights or pillars over tarts. However, if you do not want to buy new candles because you already have a bunch on hand, think about using scents from other objects in your home like spices, perfume oils, lotions, or anything else with a strong fragrance that might work well in your living room.

You can also change the color of the wax by adding food coloring before pouring it into the mold. This way you can create festive colors specific to certain holidays like green for Saint Patrick’s Day or red and white for Valentine’s Day.

How to use fresh flowers and citrus fruit scents effectively?

If you have fresh flowers or citrus fruit, then you’re in luck! Both of these items can provide a pleasant fragrance for your living room. To make the most out of them, put them in a vase on one end of the coffee table so that they have room to breathe.

The flowers will release their scent to fill the room while the citrus fruit will release its scent when cut. Just remember that the flowers and citrus fruit won’t last forever, so you’ll need to make sure to replace them every few days or so if you want your living room to always smell good.


The goal of this article is to help you make your home not just feel and look good, but also smell good. With a little creativity, you can make your living room smell amazing and have the perfect place for relaxing and entertaining. What are your favorite ways to make your living room smell good?

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